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Salads & Sunshine: Enjoy A Meal In Absolute Wilderness At This Goan Cafe


What happens when you take Artjuna’s love for healthy food and bring it to a secret spot that’s all green and wild? Well, it leads to Mojigao. If you haven't guessed, the Artjuna folks are behind a new micro village, Mojigao, that's cropped up in Assagao. It’s got a cafe, yoga classes and accommodation. And, of course, our favourite Artjuna coffee.

What Makes It Awesome

The fact that it’s so bare, rustic and laidback, makes it one one of the sweetest spots in Assagao. A joint venture between Moshe and Jimbo, Mojigao celebrates the quintessential susegad life. The cafe, with the sweetest rescue dog, amazing coffee and breakfast bowls, envelops you in a green paradise, away from all the mindless commercialisation.

Salads, smoothies, granola, juices, eggs, coffee, desserts… Everything here has a healthy bent and why not? You wouldn’t want to do yoga in the morning and stay in self-sustaining huts in the day and be eating deep-fried burgers by the night. Right? If you do, there are restaurants nearby that you can drive to (stop pulling a long face now!).

Soon as we reached, we went straight for the coffee and stayed for the trippy background music and forest vibes. Later, we learnt that the coffee machine they use is vintage and restored by a person who’s lovingly brought it back from the dead.

The peace at this property is something else. It’s a compact (1 acre is small by Goa standards, tsk tsk) set-up with three eco-huts, an eco-pond and a yogashala. The yogashala is plonked on a tiny hill and is completely bare, with views of the surrounding greens as far as the eye can see. They will also start hosting live music gigs from January. 

Note: Bear in mind that because you’re in a forest and because Mojigao is work in progress, things might not be like clockwork. There might be a power cut, there might be a wayward money, the rain might ruin your favourite part of the cafe or their service might be usually slow for your rumbling stomach… If you aren’t going to be patient for these wild (read unexpected) encounters, we suggest going to a more mainstream cafe instead. 

What Could Be Better

Don’t know if this is a problem really but they’re in no hurry to finish off the huts before the tourist season etc. So, they’re currently looking at a Jan kind of deadline. That said, what does make us a little sad is that their cafe is only open till 5:30pm every day.


They host yoga classes every Mon, Wed and Friday from 8:30–10am and Capoeira on Tues and Thurs (4- 6pm). As and when they find more teachers, you can expect more workshops and healing therapies. 

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