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Goan Sausages, Shankar Pali & More: Why You Need To Visit Mahim Church Market


Constructed in 1534, the St. Michael’s Church at Mahim is one of the oldest catholic churches in the city. Famous for its Novenas on Wednesday, if you ever happen to pass by the church on that day of the week, you will be welcomed to a crowded market, so we went exploring to see what we could buy at this bazaar.

Goan Sausages, Masalas & More

In this sweltering heat, we took it upon ourselves to explore the Wednesday market outside Mahim church and while we didn’t many out-of-the-box items, we found some that could definitely make the trip worth it. Firstly, the market is meant for those walking into the church, so don’t go there with high expectations, but there certainly are a few things that are worth the purchase.

Get your hands on colourful candles {INR 10}, candle stands made of glass and metal {INR 50 upwards}, and some super delicious food. We loved the snacks- traditional ones such as shankar pali, chakli, laddo, fryums {INR 20 upwards}, Goan and East Indian food masalas {INR 160 per pack} and the best of the lot – Goan sausages {INR 350 for 100 pieces}.

So, We're Saying...

If you happen to pass by the area, we suggest drop by to pick up some cute stuff and delicious snacks and sausages that will definitely be great additions in your kitchen.


Whether you explore the market or not, go there to visit the beautiful church.

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