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Animal-Lovers, This Adorable Shop In Goa Is Perfect For You


If you and your kids are all about nature, animals and the outdoors, then we know just the store to go shopping at for them.

Tell Us More!!

Started by an ecologist and wildlife photographer himself, The Nature Story is what we have been waiting for. Located in the Prazares Resort in Candolim, this store is even for those that want to get their kids involved in learning and saving our mother earth. It is definitely the first of its kind in Goa, and we definitely stocked up. Oh yes, they even have stuff for us adult folks.

We just loved their cute and really well made Frog & Snake replicas, as well as those cute fluffy owlets. And if you have a sweet tooth, then do check out the fresh locally made honey that they have for sale there. The wooden blocks of different animals sure had us going crazy to grab them all, from cute owls to snakes, tortoise, butterfly they came in all shapes and designs. So a great way to showcase your inner animal personality on those festive cards we think.

Anything Else?

They have a great range of eco conscious toys and tools, wildlife books, outdoor equipment. They have cute stationary all made from recycled paper, green clothing, wildlife replicas as well as nature books. Add to that, solar energy products, children’s handicrafts and traditional toys made by hand as well as nature exploration sets. Means that learning need not be boring anymore, as all of these are fun ways to foster more learning. Even their outdoor equipment is a great start to introducing your kids to the outdoors and starting that love affair with Mother Nature.



The store is open every day except on Sundays from 9.30am to 6.30pm. Find their Facebook page here for more details.

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