Rohan posted on 14th December

Best Restaurants in Gurgaon

For those looking for the best of the best in Gurgaon to satisfy those hunger pangs across expensive, outdoor and child-friendly, have a look below:


It doesn’t matter if we live by the coast or not, the option of fresh seafood is an exciting reality. Amaranta specialises in providing the full coastal experience, and their most exclusive offering is the Catch of the Day. Crab, lobster and fish – brought in fresh and cooked to perfection. Tiger Prawns figure in this and will set you back INR 2,300+ taxes. During food festivals, the selections can go up to INR 15,900+ taxes.


The only Brazilian eatery in town, the chef here specialises in the churrasco style of food, and upon request, will carve your meat out for you at the table. It’s one of those experiences that you must have once in your life, and Wildfire provides it, no problem. They have a line -up of nine meats {chicken, lamb, prawn, pork – to name a few}, all grilled, which costs INR 3,500+ taxes in total. There’s also a leg of lamb, available in five different sauces {like Chilli Pineapple} which is priced at INR 1,700 + taxes.

Outdoor Restaurants in Gurgaon

With the hot months finally behind us the city holds its breath in collective anticipation of better weather, and with it outdoor fun! Here’s our list of where you can come up for air if you’re keen on dining out in Gurgaon.

I-Kandy at Le Meridien Hotel

With the bright neon signage and lit torches surrounding the pool, you’d think you’re in Ibiza. The bar nibbles here will keep you going, while their alcohol helps fight the nip in the air.

Terrace @ Indian Grill Room

Nothing like kebabs off hot coal on cool wintery nights; head to Terrace for cocktails and canapés, desi style.


Our favourite neighbourhood artist, Pablo welcomes us with as many angeethis as the shivering half of the table unreasonably asks for.

Wangchuk’s Ladakhi Kitchen

Tibetan, Ladakhi and Nepalese staples are perfect for when we want some warm TLC.

Brewer Street

The outdoor section of Gurgaon’s newest microbrewery features a faux-graffiti wall, perhaps as an ode to the beer motherland.

Threesixtyone at The Oberoi, Gurgaon

If it’s one thing you do this winter – grab a table on the deck, just inches above their shimmering expanse of mashaal-lit blue pool. The food’s pretty great too.

Cyber Hub

Once Cyber Hub opened its French windows to us, life in Gurgaon was never to be the same. We love it for its slew of restaurants that spill out on to the main boulevard and generous terraces. Take your pick from SodaBottleOpenerwala, Panchavati Gaurav, Zamber, Wine Co., Olive Bistro, Beer Cafe, Sutra, Raasta, Soi 7 and Imperfecto. Check out the LBB Cyber Hub Hood Guide here.

Roots - Cafe in the Park

Gravel at your feet, trees between brick tables and benches, and a wooden fence make for a bucolic setting. A pleasant outdoor space with ample room for a large lunch group, makes Roots a favourite on our list.

Downtown - Diners and Living Beer Cafe

Though the indoor space is a nice space to relax in itself, Downtown has a cozy rooftop and microbrewery. With those two how can you go wrong? White umbrellas, high chairs and round tables are accompanied by a view overlooking the market.

Child-Friendly Restaurants in Gurgaon

If you’re a parent, you know how your choice of restaurant is motivated by your offspring. Unless it’s dinner, because then you know they’ll fall asleep at some point {evoked memories of many a nap at Chopsticks, Sirifort, when we were younger}. So, it’s always super if the restaurant is helpful, supportive of your litter, and thus conducive to a peaceful family meal. We consulted the good folk at Gurgaon foodies, and here’s who gets their votes.


Someone may advise you to head here if you’re the parent of a boy, but why leave them gamer girls behind? A virtual paradise for gamers and sports fanatics, spread across 47,000 sq ft; we’re talking cricket simulators, goalkeeping and racing. No, they didn’t forget snooker and bowling. They also feature virtual reality experiences, essentially, a mix of motion and positional tracking, in addition to head mounted displays and superior quality graphics. Take your inner child, and your real child, and ball out. All we’re saying.

Dhaba by Claridges

This on point Indian restaurant also does another great justice – their kitsch interiors. As for space, it isn’t very open, so children cannot run around, but they can entertain themselves with the truck facade, and knock back their range of colourful mocktails. And parents, cocktails for you! Staying true to that Indian hospitality, the staff and management welcome children, are super friendly, and will go out of their way to accommodate food allergies and preferences.

Barbeque Nation

Anyone who has been here knows it doesn’t matter if they’re child friendly; with the amount of food they plough you with, you won’t have time to notice anything else. That said, the staff is super friendly, pays attention to toddlers, always serve fries {you know how fries can change a child’s life}, and if you want something specific and customized, they’re happy to come through. Some are of the opinion, thy serve kids better than they serve adults. But, as long as the kids are alright, right?

Where: Find an outlet nearest you, here.

The Spice Room

The Spice Room

Again, it’s that Indian hospitality that always wins. Score. With ample running room, we don’t recommend you actually let your child run free, but know that if they do break free, the restaurant is more than accommodating.

Chocolate Room

Children and chocolate. No prizes for guessing why your child will be nothing short of happy over here; all kinds of dessert, fondue, chocolate shakes, hot chocolate, and even chocolate pizza. Make sure you’re in big open spaces after this meal, we don’t need to tell you what sugar does to a child.


American diner-esque, with an incredibly child-friendly menu, including shakes, fries, burgers, hot dogs and ice cream sundaes; blame it on pop culture, but there’s something about all-American joints that give them everlasting appeal.

Jungle Jamboree

Maybe the words ‘dedicated Kids Zone’ should tell you all you need to know about how child friendly this spot is. Although it doesn’t really matter. Given the tropical rainforest theme the entire restaurant follows, the entire space is super for children. Special mention to the underwater themed section, in case the forest gets too much. Also, parents, they have a 7 course buffet meal available, so you have much to keep you occupied as well.

Roots - Cafe In The Park

A solar operated little toy car greets you at the entrance, and we can guarantee your kids will greet it with much fervour. Since much of it is outdoors, junior will love the open space and chance to run around in between bites of the beautiful food. The ground is pebbled, so we’d recommend asking the little one to be careful. Not that you don’t constantly already.

32nd Milestone

Dedicated kids area with swings and sand pits. Should we go on? We will. A bowling alley, Go Karting, Rifle Shooting, a Bull Ride – there’s plenty going on, along with multiple restaurants to choose from. You know why the whole family can have a great time.

Find out more, here. 

The Great Kebab Factory

Sigh, we love this restaurant. They never disappoint. Blame it on that age old ‘Family’ restaurant concept, or just good ol’ Indian hospitality, but the staff is very amiable, and patient with children. The only drawback – it is most definitely a sit down spot, so areas to run around are few and far between. The plus? It is in a hotel, so if push comes to shove, a walk outside by the pool is just a hop, skip and a jump away.