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Cooper's Grill & Bar

Sector 30

Head To Cooper's Bar And Grill For Your Burger Cravings

Aditya posted on 17th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Cooper’s Bar & Grill in Gurgaon serves up juicy burgers, American grill cuisine and comfort food that will turn any frown upside down.

Personal Comfort, And Food

Reading the menu at Coopers can initially be quite confusing. What is VB’s Style Chicken, KJ’s Lemongrass Kibbeh or RD’s Chicken Steak? After a few questions, we were told that the initials are all names of veteran customers, and to honour them, the dishes have been renamed after them.

Located next to a business park and across the Google office, Cooper’s receives a steady, loyal clientele. Every patron seems to know the wait staff; every waiter knows what they want.

Decisions, Decisions

After navigating the menu, we decided upon the Chimmichuri Spiced Prawns and Chicken Taco for starters. For mains, we picked the Carre Four Storey Burger {named in memory of the recently-shut Carrefour office, which was filled with Cooper’s regulars} and the Taco vs. Basa fish.

PS: While we didn’t order it, we did notice a lot of people wolfing down the pizzas.

A Feast For Two

The prawns were well-spiced and tangy; a good accompaniment with beer. The chicken tacos delivered a satisfying crunch when bitten into. The Taco vs. Basa was an interesting dish, served half on a bed of wild rice, and half covered with crushed taco bits, with a nice flavour balance.

Saving the best for last: The burger. Two lamb patties, cheese, bacon and a knife sticking out the top {for those afraid of tackling it in one bite}. Juicy, huge and perfectly-cooked lamb patties made for a knockout dish.

A Meat Lover’s Dream

At Cooper’s, the staff are friendly, the vibe is relaxed, the portions are huge and the food is good {did we mention they have their own bakery? Fresh bread FTW!}. If you find yourself in Sector 30 and on an empty stomach, do yourself a favour and go try their burgers.

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Sector 30

33, DLF Star Tower, Opp. 32 Mile Stone, Sector 30, Gurgaon

Cooper's Grill & Bar

Sector 30