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Instapizza: Bigger and Better at Good Earth City Centre in Gurgaon

Tanushree posted on 1st September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Giant pizza-shaped hole in your heart? Instapizza’s got you covered. Hit them up for one of the best New York Style thin crusts in the city, the freshest toppings, and the answer to all your pizza prayers, the Monster Deep Dish.


Garlic twists, Instapizza Classic Veggie Deluxe, the Monster Deep Dish


Coca-Cola and its brethren, favoured poison of champions


Fresh ingredients, generous portions, meat-friendly menu, unlimited toppings for no extra charge

We know what you're thinking - more pizza?

After years of nothing but badly reheated pizza from your friendly neighbourhood franchise, its crust indistinguishable from the limp cardboard box it arrived in; it becomes difficult to recall pizza’s appeal. But Instapizza proves beyond reproach, their handcrafted pizzas use the freshest ingredients, their crust is exquisite and their sauce flawless, reminding us why pizza is as beloved a food as it is.

The 411 on the ambience

This is their largest store by far – it seems cozy, but it seats about 15 people, and they do both deliveries and dine-ins. The décor is minimal, with industrial motifs, and the space is abundantly lit. We went by in the afternoon, to find the sun streaming in through the front windows – imagine how glorious this would be on a sunny winter afternoon.

Nouveau Neapolitan goodness for two?

Start with the Garlic Twists, you can have them plain, with garlic butter and mozzarella cheese, or like we did, stuffed with either meat or vegetables {we had ours with pepperoni, sundried tomatoes and onions, and they were absolutely delicious.} Then try one of the Instapizza Classics, their New York-style thin crust pizzas, with a crust that’s not brittle or underdone – but baked to perfection. A real relief, given that more often than not, New York style means toppings on oversized tortilla chips.

And then finally, the piece de resistance, the Monster Deep Dish – two layers of freshly kneaded dough, stuffed with vegetables, meats and cheese, topped with more meat and cheese – you will not be disappointed. The best thing about Instapizza is that they’re very generous with their ingredients, so the Monster Deep Dish feels like a really opulent indulgence. Ours had no less than nine toppings – pork chorizo, chicken ham, pork pepperoni, chicken pepperoni, chicken tikka, chicken meatballs, fresh garlic, onions, black olives and assorted seasoning, all of which came together beautifully. Not for the faint of heart, the pizza is a meal for two in itself– a really sumptuous, savoury pie. If you could eat any more, trust us, you would.

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