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With Milkbasket, You Can Say Goodbye To Morning Supermarket Dashes

Parul posted on 23rd January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Milkbasket allows you to get your daily essentials delivered to your doorstep so you don’t need to open the fridge and sigh at an empty bottle of milk.

Register To Receive

Just register with your basic details and top-up your Milkbasket wallet with a pre-defined amount {or request cash on delivery} and that’s pretty much it!

Put together an order anytime till midnight, and click done for delivery. Best part is that delivery starts at 7am so at least your bread, milk and eggs woes are over with. There’s no minimum order and if you chose the Milkbasket wallet to pay then you can track your spends, too.

Spiffy Supermarket Solutions

They have an app for iOS and Android, so you don’t even need to get your lappy out to get your groceries. With discount deals that are updated regularly, it’s a good idea to keep your shopping limited to Milkbasket.

We were thrilled to find Karachi Bakery, Whole Foods and Le Carne Cuts at the digi-store along with fresh fruits and veggies. They even have home essentials and personal care products, so your Milkbasket is way more than just milk.


Food Stores