Have You Tried The Vegan-Friendly Cakes & Cookies At BakeArt?

Parul posted on 1st April

Ten-Second Takeaway

An import from Hyderabad, this bakery turned vegan when they moved to Delhi. BakeArt’s products have no refined sugars, only vegan flours and organic ingredients like nuts and fruits, and are customised to order.

Look Who's Baking

Bakers Vaibhav and Arti conceptualised BakeArt and, given Arti’s background at culinary school, she brings the innovation to the brand. Together, they realised the need for a vegan bakery in a city that has so many vegans with very few choices when it comes to baked goodies and neighbourhood bakeries.

What's On The Menu?

There isn’t a single baked food category at BakeArt that isn’t vegan. For everyday supplies, they have a selection of loaf and bundt cakes which includes wonderful things like chocolate and caramel brownies and a vegan Christmas cake. We loved their vanilla & blueberry loaf as well as the carrot cake, so those are a must-try. They also bake Sorghum Bread and Millet Bread which are gluten-free.

Their cookie range has everything from Gingerbread to Orange Biscotti, but we really loved the Banana, Rolled Oats and Cranberry cookies. The true stars have got to be the celebration cakes – we recommend the Belgian Chocolate and Black Forest. If you’re looking for gluten free options, go for the Chocolate Orange cake, with icing and everything! Don’t forget to ask about their vegan Indian sweets and chocolates as well.

Reinvent Snack Time

Preserves, dips and butters, BakeArt has a slew of vegan snacks to pair with their baked products. They have wholewheat pizza bases, vegan burger buns and blueberry cranberry granola bars, too. When it comes to snacks, don’t forget to check out their doughnuts, muffins and cupcakes – we almost can’t believe they’re vegan. Plus, no refined sugar is used to make these goodies – only cane sugar.