How to get Featured?

Your discoveries can reach out to millions of people on Little Black Book! Here are best practices to make sure your post goes from being in your Little Black Book to the LBB Home Feed.

How do I make the cut?

  1. Start by posting a discovery that’s unique. A place that you walked into or found online, that made you say out loud- oh wow, this is awesome.
  2. Post about any local interests, be it restaurants, bars, online deliveries, shops, boutiques, online-stores, gyms, personal trainers, fitness centres, events, activities, travel, tailors, thekas, horse-riding spots, cafes with WiFi, co-working spaces, and more. The sky really is the limit.
  3. Don’t post selfies. LBB is about showcasing places and things you discover that are truly unique. Put the spotlight on your discovery, and we’ll put the spotlight on you.
  4. Give complete and accurate information, please. The more context you give, the higher your chances of making it to the LBB Home Feed.

What’s not allowed at all?

Posts that are for self promotion of any kind. We review all recommendations; and will not permit any self promotional recommendations to be posted on our platform. We want our users to discover unique and authentic experiences only.

Plagiarism, piracy will not be tolerated at all. If your post is flagged off or reported by a user as being copied/inauthentic, the case will be looked into; if found accurate, your post will be deleted. Multiple incidents of the same will lead to suspension of your account on LBB.

Any post that’s irrelevant to the platform- so, posts that have nothing to do with places/things to do in a city.

In case the place you posted about is not defunct/has been shut down, your post will be removed.

What if a place I want to recommend on LBB has been posted about before?

No worries, post away. Just give it your unique perspective.

​We <3 Feedback

​Please do share any thoughts you have on We’ll get back to you pronto.