Fruits Or Flowers? This Seed Store Will Let You Grow Your Own Garden

    What Makes It Awesome

    Bored with binge-watching? Try your hand at growing something, like a garden of your own! Check out AllThatGrows, a seed store that lets you buy produced and open-pollinated variety of seeds. So, if you’re interested in vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs that you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll love getting lost in this store’s stunning online catalogue. From microgreens like basil to herbs like thyme, from vegetables like okra to fruits like watermelon, you’ll get your basic and exotic options. The price ranges between INR 50 and INR 580.

    The best part? The site take you to their app version where they have growing instructions for each variety on its website, so you know how to plant, grow and harbest your seedlings without having to keep track of those pesky little seed packets.