Amazing South Indian Delicacies At Your Door Step Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Tasty bowl has 4 outlets in Hyderabad and the one which is located in Film Nagar is a cloud kitchen which offers only delivery service. But, being a blogger, you always get a special kitchen, right? So, they invited me to their cloud kitchen to have a look at their kitchen & they arranged a special table for us to have lunch.
The owner was so sweet, he welcomed us with a cool bottle of Rajahmundry Rose milk which had natural flavours in it. I didn't feel any artificial taste in it. That was completely divine. The other drink which we were given was badam milk which has the perfect flavour of almonds & I am a huge fan of almonds & I love the drink to be high in flavour when it comes to almond flavour. And, that is how I got my drink here.
We started our lunch with chicken 65 which was so juicy and saucy. I love the perfectly cut pieces of chicken. They were not too big and not too small. They were just perfect 😍. Paneer 65 was a bit spicy, but it was good taste-wise and a little improvement can be made in the masala they add to it.
In the main course, we started off with kothimeera Kodi biryani. I never tried this kind of biryani in my life. I was so excited to try this & felt a bit disappointed by the taste & flavour of it. The spiciness was maintained well, but there was no flavour in it. Another item from their menu which we ordered was guthi vankaya biryani which is normally called brings biryani. First of all, I don't want to call this item 'biryani'. Though, the rice was cooked along with the masala & brinjals. I only consider the non-veg variants as biryani, but not the veg variant ones. So, This brinjal pulao was cooked with masala which is too spicy and I was not able to handle that spiciness & on top of that, they have added few pieces of brinjals which were applied masala in it making the pulao spicier. To be frank, I don't recommend this one to you guys. The next one was paneer 65 pulao which was pretty good, but the pieces could have been better. They should have cooked it for some more time.
Coming to the items which I loved to the most, it has to be the ghee sambar rice & curd rice. Sambar rice has an ample amount of ghee which gave the superb aroma. Sambar was added enough in the rice and it was loose that you can directly swallow it even without chewing πŸ˜‚. I would recommend you to have this sambar rice with chicken 65 and you'll definitely go mad about it. The last item was curd rice which was a basic bowl of curd rice topped with pomegranates & seasoning prepared by frying in the oilπŸ˜…. This was just perfect and a great way to end the meal.

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