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Grab The Bull By The Horns & Get Drinkies At This Bar Exchange In Jubilee Hills

Shreya posted on 26 March

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you have an unwavering love for the stock-market, and for the unpredictability that comes with it — you are going to love this concept bar in Jubilee Hills

What Is It?

Welcoming you to this rooftop bar is a replica of the iconic charging bull from Wall Street, establishing just about everything this bar is about. Their concept is based on the rapid changes in the stock exchange market, and it appeals to those who enjoy the decision making based on fluctuating numbers. Bar Exchange is a spacious place with chairs and tables to accommodate a large crowd, and it has a loaded bar on one side. The ambience is semi al fresco and evening or after hours is the best time to visit it. With lights to resonate with the aggression of capitalists, yet a softness that allows conversations to remain unhindered — you can go here to grab drinks with work pals.

Of Bulls and Beers

Similar to the rise and fall in stock value that investors are always watching for — you have to keep an eye on the prices of drinks at this bar, for they keep changing every few seconds. And, how do you do that exactly, you ask? The place has an app for it! While the food menu is much simpler, you cannot order drinks here without the app. So get pumped up for some serious trading here, and place orders when the prices are cheapest.

Also, they have deals on the beer and long island iced tea, which are budget friendly. Our London Martini just came at INR 175 {plus tax}, it didn’t seem very watered down either. The food here is standard, though the fries are good. We tried a Fish & Chips which was really greasy and the batter was rather thick for the fish. The vegetarian Harvest Pizza was a good option though and at three slices to a person it can be easily shared between two. The service is a bit slow here so keep an eye on the bar and the bartender and make sure your drinks arrive on time.

So We're Thinking...

We liked the semi al fresco seating , and you should definitely visit in the evening. The food here is not that great and this place is ideal if you are going with squad, ordering a bunch of drinks and make the most of reduced prices and are looking to tank up.

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7th Heaven Building, 3rd Floor, Road 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad