Bucket Cakes To Chocolate Truffle: This Home Baking Venture Is Spreading Joy

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What Makes It Awesome

What happens when a Lavonne graduate and a self-taught baker (one who has been baking since childhood) come together? Celeste — an apt name (which means heavenly in French) for a home baking venture founded by Priya Tolasariya and Simran Kaur Jadeja started off as an eggless bakery, over a WhatsApp conversation only a year ago. Simran has always been passionate about baking which led her to attend baking classes, watch videos, and do all that she can to nail the art. Priya, on the contrary, quit her cushy CA job, got into Lavonne Academy, and plunged into the world of puddings and truffle. The sugar rush has been high ever since! 

Known for their custom cakes, Celeste's cakes will catch your attention even instantly. Planning to surprise your special one? Have a conversation with Celeste to get that beautiful cake crafted. Hoping to open a patisserie in the future, Celeste's most-loved desserts are Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut Cake, White Chocolate Salted Caramel, Double Choco-Chip Cookies, and brownies. The price range of their cakes begin at INR 1,600 for a kilo; a box of brownies set you back at INR 600 while each cookie is priced at INR 30. The custom cake range begins at INR 1,800 and goes up depending on the design. While Celeste is comfortable if you place an order two days in advance, we recommend you contact them at least 6-7 days in advance. Particularly if you're looking for an eccentric design. 


At the moment, you can get in touch with Celeste over Instagram. You can strike a conversation over WhatsApp too. If you'd like to opt for cakes with eggs, let them know. Take note: they have some keto desserts that aren't eggless.