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Christmas Is Coming! Shop The Best Gifts For Him Under INR 500

    We all know, be it friend, father, brother, husband or any guy, really; finding the perfect gift for the men in your life isn't easy. So, before settling for yet another boring gift, go through the list of the best gifts for him under INR 500 that you can give this Christmas. Shopping for men, made simple? Yes, it’s a Christmas miracle!

    Cheeky Boxers


    Available Online

    Google searches can be tricky. But don't think twice, just get these from Bewakoof. There are plenty of options out there that will get more than a chuckle out from your man. Just, pick up a bunch of them from simple prints to wacky ones. That's your choice and his taste. Here, the price starts at INR 275.

    Photo Frames


    Available Online

    If you’re searching for gifts with a personalised touch for men, then this one is can be a great choice and it doesn't even take much of your time. Plus, you can easily surprise him with the special pictures that you have clicked together, randomly or on some occasion. And the amazing part, this will give him a sense of feeling that how much you care for him. And Christmas is all about love and celebration. So, go and check out Bigsmall where they start at INR 270.

    Slip-On Shoes


    Available Online

    Shoes are always a great buy. But don't go for conventional colours. And if you are thinking that there aren’t many options when it comes to shoes for men apart from the boring, regular, leather ones, you got to check out Koovs. They have an amazing bunch of collections, starting at INR 499, just like this red one; a perfect one for Christmas.

    Travel Pouch


    Available Online

    We live in a tech-driven age with a growing supply of personal technology to carry around: smartphones, USB cables, portable devices, you name it. So, why not give the man a travel pouch from Decathlon. With various sizes available, they can use them to organise and store all those cords and charges. Just imagine, how sorted you are going to make their living.

    Bat Wings Mug


    Available Online

    If the Bat was a mug, ever imagined? But GeekMonkey shows you the reality. This caped badass mug by them cost INR 699 but with discount, it goes to the budget of 500. It looks pretty cool with two giant bat wings that creates the handles for this fierce-looking beverage container and the jet black colour gives it a sleek looking finish. Ideal for any superhero fan.