Sunaina posted on 7th June

Lamb Rogan Josh Burger To Aglio Olio Popcorn: Here's Where To Eat {And Drink} In Jubilee Hills

Let’s just accept the truth; even before we check out the best restaurants and cafes in Jubilee Hills, new ones are popping up. The eternal dilemma of what and where to eat prevails. But luckily for you, we have a little list of our faves that we think you should try out for sure. So, let’s get moving and chowing.


If you love all-day breakfasts or arrive a little late to eat eggs and toast, then Kaficko has to be your go-to cafe. Play a game of Scrabble on the wall and start your day with a French Press — the hazelnut flavour is to die for. They have plenty of breakfast options {and most of them include egg} but our vote goes to Ratatouille Toasts With Fried Eggs. The toasts are topped with ratatouille and make a perfect partner-in-crime to the eggs. Ask for a side of asparagus and fresh-cut fruits and you’re all set to take on the day.

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Drama Llama

We were left in tears when Quattro Ristorante closed, but in its place, an equally endearing restaurant has appeared. While it has decided to keep the same ambience and seating of the former resident, the walls are adorned with colourful framed-photographs of llamas. So, if you are looking for pictures with an epic background, get a shot here. We fell in love with the Falafel Bowl that is basically a bowl full of hummus {yum!} topped with falafels and pickled vegetables. Plus, it comes with pita bread making it more of a meal than a starter. For drinkies, their signature cocktails should top your list. We quite enjoyed our Drama Llama’s Mojito which is a classic mojito that comes with a lemon in flames. Let the flame dim down for you to mix the lemon with the drink. Gulp it down!

Mandi @36

Always crowded with foodies, Mandi @36 is popular for its mandi and khabsa . but we recommend their Non-Veg Platter. Meat lovers take an ecstatic backflip even at the mere mention of this dish. With an assortment of kebabs, Grilled Fish, Special Grilled Chicken, Special Prawns and Mutton Black Pepper, you and your squad can have a little party right here. This gigantic dish also comes with pita and salad and can be easily be shared between four or five hungry peeps.

Genuine Broaster Chicken

Decked with fairy lights and quirky football-themed framed posters, we heart this cafe for its food and music. If you are a vegetarian, munch on the Sanskari Aloo Burger {a burger with a desi swag and masala}, and if you love meat, you’ve got to try the Lamb Rogan Josh Burger which is apparently their chef’s secret rogan josh spice mix. This one’s a bit on the spicy side but it’s worth the burning tongue! All the burgers are served with curly fries to make it better. Craving something sweet? Then you must order a Gulkand Muffin which is a muffin that has a filling of gulkand — each bite is a bit of heaven.

Spicy Venue

If traditional Telugu delicacies are your thing, then you cannot miss out on the South Indian Thali at Spicy Venue. We love the dal and the flavoured rice, and we cannot recommend the biryani enough. The Avakaya Chicken Biryani is for the ones who love their dishes fiery, but the Chicken Fry Pulao is the best out there because chunks of tender chicken are deep fried and added to the biryani. However, what keeps taking us back to Spicy Venue is — Apricot Delight — a custard based dish that’s made from apricot and hits the right spot. And we are telling you, if you haven’t tried this, you’ve tried nothing at all.

Zero40 Brewing

Go to Zero40 for its beer and fall in love with its food. Whether you’re in the mood for a pizza or waffles {Fried Chicken Waffles with Maple Syrup — whaaaaat?}, there is a lot for you to dig into. But our choice remains simple here — we ask for a glass of beer from their brewery and settle for Aglio Olio Popcorn. The subtle flavour of the popcorn does wonders with a beer.

United Kitchens Of India

The name is a giveaway — United Kitchens of India is a restaurant that brings food from several Indian states under one roof. While we’ve tasted quite a few dishes here, we rush straight to their Bengali food. Take our advice and order Aloo Jhenga Posto {a traditional curry made with aloo, rich guard, and pop seeds} and Luchi. If you are interested in trying out the fish dishes{which aren’t that authentic}, you can try the Maccher Jhol with Ghee Bhaat.


We have already expressed our love for Concu, unabashedly. With a large parking space and an outdoor patio welcoming you, walk into their indoor space and get cloaked in the bittersweet aroma of coffee and treats. We recommend hitting this patisserie in the evenings for grabbing a mug of hot chocolate {or Bailey’s Latte} and a macaroon or two. Personally, we love Baiser Macaroon as it has a nice sour twist that adds a tang to the otherwise sweet flavour.

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