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Greenest News Ever: GHMC Is All Set To Distribute Saplings In Hyderabad Homes

Sunaina posted on 14 June

Love a little greenery in your home? Then you’ll love this new initiative by GHMC that intends to distribute saplings to city dwellers. Apartment residents can pot and grow these saplings, even if there isn’t much space for gardening. Done as a part of Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram, the state government has conducted a research to understand the kind of plants people want inside their homes and have come up with a range of flowering and aromatic plants. Soon a campaign will be conducted to discuss potted plants and throughout the campaign, the saplings shall be distributed. With an intention to distribute flowering as well as mosquito repellent plants, GHMC will increase plantation in and around the city too. So now we can expect a greener Hyderabad and fresher air. We’re lining up in the queue for our share of saplings. Care to join us?

This story was first reported by The Hindu. You can read the full report here