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    This Ten-Day Long City Fest Is All About Food, Literature, Cinema & Art Forms

    Sunaina posted on 16 April

    What Is It?

    The Hyderabad Fest 2018 is the first and one-of-its-kind fest in Telangana that brings art, cinema, literature, food etc. under one roof. This fest is all set to attract lovers of cinema, books, dance, and more. With theme-pavilions designed around tourism, education, public sector, financial institutions, literature, it’s also said to have short film fests, art and photography exhibitions. The motive of the fest is to promote the culture of Telangana and help its residents tap into the core of the rich diversity and heritage. But not just that, it’s also said to lay an emphasis on the public sector undertakings that protect the country’s sovereignty along with banking, financial sectors. Along with immersive cultural performances, the fest also has a science fair in memory of Stephen Hawking, and ‘Balotsav’ – multiple workshops on arts, crafts, poetry, and more for children.

    Who Is It For?

    Bookworms, art enthusiasts, geeks, musicians, and performers – this fest is for every Hyderabadi, because there is a little something for everyone. And if you’re someone who takes a keen interest in the cultural heritage of your region, you cannot miss it. Plus, plenty of food stalls, especially the ones that’ll introduce you to the Telangana food affair, will drag you the fest.

    Why Should I Go For It?

    You got to be here to witness amazing cultural performances, plays, book fair, art exhibits and what not. All your intellectual and artsy cravings can be satiated under one roof and you’ll go home enriched. The curated food stalls are definitely making us look forward to this happening fest. Plus, the entry is free. So, rush to NTR Stadium this evening and get psyched!

    When:  April 13 to April 22

    Where: NTR Stadium

    Price: No entry fee

    Timings: 2 pm – 9 pm on weekdays, 12 pm – 9 pm on weekends

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    NTR Stadium

    Location Details

    Indira Park Road, BM Nagar, Domalguda, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad

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