Jacobs Creek Has Uncorked A Sparkling Night Exclusively For Women & Here's A Glimpse Of It

Sunaina posted on 04 December

Great For

Jacobs Creek Sparkling Wine hosted its second edition of Urban Discoveries on November 30 where 50 high achieving young women from diverse backgrounds have come together to celebrate the true essence of womanhood. This intimate night was curated by Black Sheep Media House and it was high on energy and good vibes. It showcased a few beautiful designs by ace architect Hameeda Sharma, designer of StoneLife Design Studio. Anne Ortueta (Brand Ambassador, Pernod Ricard Winemakers India) took us through wine as we dined on a gourmet dinner from Park Hyatt which was served by their all-women staff. And then there was Roxanne, Hyderabad's first female mixologist who brewed some epic concoctions for us. 

What A Show!

The future is female and that's precisely what Urban Discoveries celebrated – the spirit of women by celebrating their achievements and piquing interest in the minds of young aspiring women. StoneLife – Hyderabad's numero-uno interior-design studio in Gachibowli, was sparkling as we stepped in. Done up with black balloons (with ladies' names on them), candle lights, and a photo booth with Polaroid cameras – it was quite a sight! Soon, we were handed our sparkling wine and appetisers. Anne unfolded the event after we sabered the sparkling wine; Hameeda, then, took us through the stunning details and dimensions of StoneLife. During the dinner, Anne introduced a selection of exquisite wines like Creek Shiraz Cabernet, Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay, and Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir, which were served throughout the dinner. The event concluded with desserts by Park Hyatt and drinks whipped by feisty Roxanne. With those brews and concoctions in hand, we grooved to the tunes of DJ Kaleekarma. And, we’re saying...this was a show! 

Can We Expect More?

Oh, yes! We can. If you want to be a part of these sparkling nights, interact with more women, and celebrate the spirit of women with Jacobs Creek Sparkling Wine, you're in for luck. Jacobs Creek is hosting five more Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Nights across different venues in the city over the next two months, and they'll be open to all. And if you wish to celebrate the victories and milestones achieved by other women, this event is where you need to head. Plus, if you're attending with a group of five female friends, Jacobs Creek is giving away a bottle of Sparkling Wine for free. Interesting women of the city shall be a part of this series of events and they are sure to spread their magic with exciting anecdotes and conversations over food and exotic beverages. 

Want to know more about the following events? We'll give you all the deets!