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#LBBEvent: Sign Up For A History + Food Walk At The Old City With LBB & RuddBuddy

Sunaina posted on 17 March

What Is It?

We pass through the historical and architectural marvels of our city often without really paying much attention to them. The Old City, for instance, is a historical centre of Hyderabad for rich culture and heritage. So, on Sunday March 31, LBB Hyderabad and RuddBuddy will take you on a heritage walk {it’s on us!} to appreciate the architecture, culture and food of the historic Old City. There will be an expert leading the walk from RuddBuddy, a company and website that helps travellers find local buddies and discover tours and activities offered by them. It offers experiences across eight genres – ranging from heritage and culture to food, art, adventure, and more.

Through the walk, you’ll be taken through a hotel’s kitchen, narrated stories on the Hyderabadi food culture and history of the Old City. Come for the stories, Irani Chai, Paya Masala, and more. Sign up below now for a fun evening and the chance to catch up with likeminded history buffs and foodies.

Who Is It For?

If you are a collector of authentic experiences and thrive on reliving the history, you’re a good fit for this walk. Plus, you love your biryanis and payas, then this walk is a godsend for you, buddy. Because you will be stuffing your face with everything from bheja fry to tandoor paratha and kesar milk that the Old City has to offer.

Why Should I Go For It?

This is a unique opportunity where you’ll spend an evening immersed in stories and local delicacies. You’ll also receive a complimentary gift to mark your visit to the Old City. Do note that this is not a vegetarian-friendly walk. A couple of desserts or lassis are what you can taste along the way, but it is usually tough to find vegetarian mains in the Old City. Water bottles, hand sanitisers and wipes will also be arranged.

Can’t wait for this? Then fill your details in the form below and we’ll select 20 lucky LBB users to join us for an evening of food, walks and plenty of conversation.

When: Saturday, March 31

Where: The start point will be at Hotel Shadab {opposite Madina Circle} and the walk will end at Milan Juice Center {opposite Mecca Masjid}. We recommend you not to drive to the starting point. Instead, you can park at Osmania Government General Hospital and take an auto from there to Shadab. Since the end point {Milan} is different, it’s advisable to take an auto back to your vehicles.

Price: Free! All you need to do is sign up below

Total Walking Distance: 1.8 km approx

Timings: 7 pm-9pm

Check out RuddBuddy on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.