Love Gelatos? Then You Must Head Over To This Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

Summer almost ended but not my love for Gelatos. Visited Gelatissimo in Jubilee Hills to try out few Gelatos. Started with the mango gelato it was so so good that I'm still craving for that.

Next, we tried some more Flavours like Choco Chip, Passion Fruit, Forest Berries Gelato, Blue Berry Sorbet, Chilli Chocolate, Chocolate, Espresso, Hazelnut, Brownies are forever, Bloody Orange Gelato, Berry Pavlova, Forest Berries, Hazelnut Gelato, Chocolate Gelato, Ferro Rocher.

Of all these being a coffee lover expresso was soo good, and they topped it up with some roasted coffee beans, please don't judge me if I say I had the coffee beans coz the love for coffee is eternal. Also chocolate and Ferro Rocher were soo good. loved how they were presented.

Also tried their chocolate gelato waffle, the chocolate was made into small balls and have the chocolate crust. Hot brownie fudge was good and was topped up with some syrup and loved the glazed look of it.
Mango gelato doughnut was hard and I didn't like that much.

Loved the chocolate expresso Gelato cake and the way it was topped with the chocolate shavings. It was soo good. That was really Lip-smacking.

Tried coffee and vanilla gelato cake, Mango and forest berries gelato cake, of this two coffee and vanilla was my go to rather than the forest berries one. Though both were good.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids, Big Group

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