On Radar: Check Out These Stores For Men's Shopping & Bookmark It

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Be it for an occasion or not, we're sure you'll need to grab something nice for your father, your brother, or maybe even something for that person you've been dating. So, we've rounded up all of the men's clothing stores in Next Galleria, Irrum Manzil, that any guy would appreciate a little something from. So go ahead and get ready to do some shopping!


This place has a whole variety under one roof. From clothing to gears, the shelves are filled with it. If he is more inclined towards sports, we highly recommend you to shop from this place. The price can be a bit on the higher side for some products but it's all worth it. Plus, get your hands on some cool goggles, thicker padded ski gloves, winter boots, and yes, cute beanies! Also, they have bicycles, soccer balls, among others. 

Max Fashion

With wallet-friendly prices, this place gives an access to deals and discounts. It has a good bunch of core items, like a variety of coloured tees, chinos, and oxford shirts. Also, you can go there for graphic tees and everyday denim.

Marks & Spencer

Not only can you get any item you need, but you'll have a plethora to choose from. Visit them for wardrobe foundational pieces: basic tees, workout clothes, belts, and so on. Everything feels current and fresh, so it's good for trend or statement pieces. Prices are on a higher side compared to the first two but the material and the designs do justice to the price tag!


For men, this place sells basics with an edge. Their plain t-shirts and sweaters are staples, offering a range of colours and slight variations on fits for your personal taste. The outerwear selection is tightly curated but is good.


If you are looking for something casual, you can opt for this place. Here the colour palette is limited but you'll find a variety  in design, from stripes to minimal prints. Also, they have a good collection of denim and casual shirts. The t-shirts start at INR 199 and the denim from INR 599.


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