This Small Shop Sells Flavoured Concentrates To Make Sharbath and Ice Gola



    Summer can get real bad in Hyderabad, but it is also the time for tempting flavoured juices and that is what Navrang Tasty Sharbath is all about.

    Tempting Your Taste Buds

    Situated opposite Hanuman temple in Mozamjahi Market, Navrang Tasty Sharbath is a hole in the wall shop selling flavoured juices to passers by and in bulk too. The crowd outside this nearly 50-year-old shop is tremendous and the shopkeepers are usually too busy attending to it. Local businessman, Mohammed Ghous, started this shop in 1975 with a small number of flavoured juices, but they were so refreshing that even until today — people take home several bottles of flavours from here. Fruit flavoured concentrates like Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange are placed next to flavours like Hajmola, Vemto {Zeera}, Khus, and Shahi Rose on a shelf. Their Falsa flavour is requested so often that they have to keep getting the flavour all the time, and it is available without sugar too. In fact, their Orange and Mango flavours too are made available sugar free, realising that even health conscious folk or those with diabetes too would not want to miss out on these. With 30 options to choose from, we were left in a tricky situation, but eventually, we decided to try Falsa, zeera and hajmola. Boy, did we need that in this scorching heat, and we loved it too! The juice is made by adding ice and chilled water to the flavoured concentrate of your choice. However, you can request for it to be made without ice too.


    Get Your Favourites

    Navrang Tasty Sharbath considers itself to be a specialist in flavoured concentrates that can be used for welcome drinks and ice gola too. You can either get just a glass of their juice if you’re in the area for INR 30, or take home a litre bottle of your favourite flavours for INR 120 {that can make 20 standard glasses of sharbath}. Coping up with Summer blues just got easier, don’t you think?