Alert: A New Place For Wooden fired Pizzeria

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What Makes It Awesome?

Recently I came across with this place Olio is known for the wooden fired pizzeria, they have Wide menu in their kitchen, delivering warm pizza in vent box with proper hygiene check during this situation.These pizzas are different from regular pizza served, the base was soft and it was not soggy. It is pocket friendly as per the quantity and the quality served

Let's talk to the variants served :
1- Popeye: this popeye pizza has mozzarella, cheddar, spinach, garlic, cherry tomatoes and is sprinkled with basil!

2- Chicken tikka: it has classic mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, chicken tikka, sprinkled with parsley.

3- Tandoori chicken: it had classic mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese tandoori chicken sprinkled with parsley and bell pepper

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