A List Of New Year Resolutions For 2020 & How To Make Them Legit Happen

Hyderabad, we're guessing you've partied, spent quality time your fam, and all set to settle into the New Year. We know we are with much gusto and resolutions that we swear we won't break. Wondering how? It's baby steps, we're letting you into five resolutions that will help you become a better person in 2020. 

Read More By Getting A Library Card

It cannot be difficult to read a book a month, and if you don't want to be a hoarder, we recommend getting State Central Library's membership that costs you INR 150 (for the first year), and INR 50 for renewal from the second year. This 128-year-old heritage library houses more than 5,00,000 books, magazines, palm leaf manuscripts dating back to the 5th century. The regional literature collection boasts of more than 10 Indian languages and global literature, but you'll also find plenty of Fiction, Non-fiction, and educational books too. Discover other libraries here

Telangana State Central Library

15/5/580, Ashok Bazar, NH 9, Afzal Gunj, Hyderabad


Open Gym At KBR Park

We know the grid. Come January 1, we enroll ourselves in a gym but rarely do we focus on what we do at the gym and what we eat. But we've noticed how pumped up we are when we get to KBR Park or Botanical Gardens in the morning. With plenty of greens, peacocks, and an open gym, they don't cost much but offer more rewards. Like, fresh air. Try this for a month, and tell us how you like! You can try other running parks in Hyderabad here.

Pick A New Skill

Whether you want to learn photography, want constructive feedback on writing or simply want to trek or cycle around the city with a bunch of cyclists, the communities of Hyderabad are something you've got to explore. Right from Write Club Hyderabad to Toastmasters, give a meetup of your choice a shot and pick a new skill. 

Pay It Forward At Wall Of Kindness

Kindness is a gift we all can afford to give, and Hyderabad has several Walls of Kindness, where you can leave clothes, books, shoes, blankets, utensils as well as food for the homeless and poor against a colourful wall. It sticks to the motto — ‘leave what you don’t need, and take what you do.’ You can also giveaway toys and pretty much anything that doesn’t benefit you anymore but you think will help someone else. If you have a party or an event at home and left with food, you can leave it at one of the free food fridges set up by GHMC. 


Wall Of Kindness

Ashok Nagar 12th Street, P & T Colony, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad


    Travel More

    If you have been traveling only up north and neglecting Hyderabad's neck of the woods, you're doing it all wrong. With weekend getaways like Dindi, Ethipothala Waterfalls, Laknavaram, Papikondalu, Hampi, Bidar, you don't have to spend a lot to make more memories and experiences. All you've got to do is get on LBB or any travel site, plan a road trip, and escape once a month.