A Blend Of Mughal, Arabic & Turkish With A Native Telugu Touch

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What Makes It Awesome?

Meethe Miya - Authentic Hyderabadi Desserts!

Under the Mughlai influence over few centuries, Hyderabad has developed a cuisine that chiefly revolves around a blend of Mughal, Arabic & Turkish with a native Telugu touch. While most of the general audience (At least Non Hyderabadis) look at Qubani ka meetha, Shahi tukre, Double ka meetha, Sheer korma as the authentic desserts of Hyderabad, there are even more with few lost over the years. Some that I can name Jauzi halwa, Badam jail, Ande Ke Lauz, Gil-e- Firdaus, Anokha kheer, Shahjahani Mith . (Missing anything?)

Quite a few places around Hyderabad serve one or two variants either yearlong or seasonal and few only at star hotels. Meethe Miya, a new entrant in the gully’s of Banjara hills that came up last December’18 is an exclusive Authentic Hyderabad Dessert store with minimal seating serving close to 30 authentic variants & serving sizes from 1 plate to half a kilo and kilo. Besides they have dessert jars for kheer and rabdi which is an easy pick and relish option.

Being alone I could only try their single portion of Ande ki Lauz, which surprisingly turned out to be good. Basically it’s a pudding/halwa out of khova, saffron, eggs which is a protein rich dessert and said to help for weight loss. The goodness of it depends on sponginess, degree of sweetness and how eggy it smells. I would recommend it to be shared by two as I was cloyed for having it whole. Paid 120+₹

Overall a one stop place for Hyderabadi desserts and definitely going back to try others, ones I get company.

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