Ferns, Bonsai & Lucky Bamboo: This Garden Store Will Make Your Home Green Goals

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you want to make your home greener (than it already is), Plantkart in Kukatpally has some tricks up its sleeve. For one thing, they've got some of the best plants and rare finds that you can find in Hyderabad. This store has a wide range of bonsai plants (INR 500 upwards), ferns, air purifiers, and indoor plants like African Violet, succulents, money plants, etc. Their bamboo plant collection includes spiral bamboo plants, pyramid bamboo plants, and a few more that we're surely getting for our reading table.

    Another reason for you to hit up this store — their pots and planters. They stock up on bonsai pots, glazed pots, and ceramicware that come in different shapes and sizes. Turtles or elephants for pots, anyone? So Pinterest-worthy that we cannot leave the store empty-handed. Also, if you've been looking for an artificial grass carpet for your balcony, score it at INR 165 per square foot.


    If you cannot visit Plantkart, check out their website. They do same-day deliveries in Hyderabad. 

      Available Online