Craving Chinese On A Budget? Visit This Restaurant In Yapral For Momos & Noodles

    Secunderabad, Hyderabad

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tucked away in the bylanes of Yapral, Pot Belly is a cosy restaurant that offers an array of delicious dishes inspired by the heart of China. Whether we're craving momos or a proper meal with all the spicy, sweet, and savoury flavours that this cuisine has to offer, Pot Belly will not fail to please. Going beyond quality, they score high on presentation too.

    Let's get to what matters — food. One of the must-try dishes on the menu is Bhutani momos which comes with two types of stuffing — chicken, and veggies. Start with these and move on to Nasi Goreng and Pad Thai which are not-to-be-missed. The menu surely has solid options to take you on an uncharted Chinese culinary journey, but we love how it doesn't burn a hole in our pockets. Plus, with good music, amazing food, and drinks all under one roof — what else could you ask for? And oh, make sure you leave enough room for dessert. 


    Before hitting this place, check out their Instagram page to find out what deals they have and make the best out of your budget.

      Secunderabad, Hyderabad