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Terracotta Vases To Handpainted Jute Bags, Check Out This Home Decor Store In Kondapur

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you a home decor fiend? I just found you a budget store — Rite Home Decors — a store in The Bazaar section of Sarath City Capital Mall. This tiny store is full of beautiful flower arrangements, vases, storage boxes, and light holders. The first thing you'll notice when you walk into the store is an aisle full of beautiful lights lamps from Turkey. You can hang these on walls or put them in your bookshelf and they are priced at INR 250 upwards. From terracotta flower vases to kitschy garden decor and potpourri, a lot of little knick-knacks can be picked. What'll take you back for more are their light holders and bottles with lights! Priced at INR 100 upwards, these are sure to add an element of fun to your room. Are you a hoarder? Pick one of their storage boxes and bid adieu to all the mess scattered on your floor. Among various other things, they've got jute bags and curtains too.

What Could Be Better

They have way too many plastic products.


Most of the products are overpriced. Don't forget to bargain, alright?

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500