Looking For Ayurvedic Skin Care To Keep Your Skin Protected? Try This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

It's essential now than ever to take care of our skin considering all the pollution and dirt we are exposed to almost on a daily basis. But also being mindful of the products we use and put on our skin, the less toxic ingredients the better the brand/product. While exploring this thought, we came across Aro Tatvika, an ayurvedic beauty startup based in Jaipur offering a range of skincare products online. 

For facial care, you can pick from two facial cleansers. They have an anti-acne facial cleanser made with neam, tea tree, and basil that claims to leave your skin moisturised. For body care, you will find Ayurveda Soaps, Clean Sugar Soaps, Organic Soaps, Premium Silk Soaps, and body lotion. One of our favourite products is the 18 Herb Cold Pressed Soap, enriched with 18 exceptional herbs. We love how well it cleanses the skin and is great for summer!

Aro Tatvika's got four different kinds of hair masks too, each one made using different blends of herbs and priced at INR 70 for 25 ml and INR 650 for a jar of 250 ml (a steal deal if you ask us). Check them out on LBB Shop for more deets. For more skincare products click here.