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Escape Boredom! These Escape Rooms In Hyderabad Are All About Adrenaline Rush

Let's be real — escape rooms can bring out the worst in us. And as the time gets ticking, we all want to solve those clues and get out of the rooms. Here is a list of the escape rooms in Hyderabad that you must hit up with your squad.

Mystery Rooms in Jubilee Hills will jar you into action regardless of the mystery or challenge you choose. Planning to go Sherlock-ing with your gang? You've got to try Mystery Rooms. From challenges like a prison break to abduction, bring out your wild edge and play your way to glory. That said, it's not that easy to find your way out. Each challenge comes with a certain set of puzzles and clues. Solve your puzzle, take a hint, and keep moving further.

The Amazing Escape in Madhapur has four tough-to-crack rooms and we think you should check this out with your squad. Find the clues, solve the puzzle, and escape — all of this within 60 minutes. They have four themed rooms — The Bank Heist, Raid Room, Prison Break, And Escape The Tomb. Sounds exciting?

Run wild at Lock n Escape — new real-life escape rooms in Banjara Hills. With six adventures and a quirky cafe in tow, your entertainment is sorted. Hangry after all the solving? Walk into their cafe and eat up waffles, pizza, burgers or sandwiches. They have lots of board games, books, and magazines for you to stay in their yard.

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