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Readers, Ahoy! Add These Libraries In Hyderabad To Your Speed Dial NOW

Whether you are a student or an avid reader, a library membership is surely a great investment. If you are looking for libraries where you can read, borrow, and attend cultural and arts events, here is a list of the best libraries in Hyderabad. Happy reading! 

Telangana State Central Library is one of the oldest and best libraries in Hyderabad. It houses more than 5,00,000 books and magazines along with palm-leaf manuscripts that’ll leave you in awe. Find an exhaustive collection of books on science, technology, medicine, fiction, non-fiction, legal, history, world politics etc. Some of the manuscripts date back to the 5th century. The first year membership costs you INR 150, and it costs INR 50 from the second year.

City Central Library in Ashok Nagar houses over 2 lakhs of books, magazines, and newspapers. It’s a place where readers can study, or enjoy a book not only indoors, but also underneath the many trees on its premises. This public library has multiples sections like the academics, general, periodicals, reference, preservations, and a children’s section too. Spread across two floors, these sections have books of different languages. Availing membership at this library costs very little. Yes, we’re talking as low as INR 150 (lifetime membership), but you can also borrow books worth INR 150 on that membership for 14 days.

Just Books has several outlets across the city, and if you love fiction, it cannot get better than this. Graphic novels by Alan Moore and comics like Tin Tin and Asterix grabbed our attention. If you are into non-fiction and self-help books, find them in numbers. Their children's book collection is wider, with Amar Chitra Katha, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, The Diary Of Wimpy Kid series on offer. Since they have an online presence, their catalog has more books than what is at the store. A 3-month membership is priced at INR 900, but if you take a monthly plan, it costs around INR 350. Plus, if you are an online member, books are delivered at your doorstep.

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