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Heading To Golconda Fort? Don't Forget To Check Out This Iconic Spot As Well


An extension of the Golconda Fort — the Naya Qila is an unexplored heritage site in Hyderabad. A part of it has also been converted into a golf court.

What Makes It Awesome

To make it harder for enemies to enter Golconda Fort, Naya Qila was constructed by Mustafa Khan, who also designed the Toli Masjid. Literally translating to a new fort, this place once boasted of Persian gardens and still has a famous baobab tree called Hatiyan Ka Jhad (whose bark you can climb into), two mosques with exquisite architecture, and two ponds as well. Although most part of this landscape has been taken over by the Hyderabad Golf Club, making entry challenging for the general public — you could still get to witness the beauty of it while at a game of golf, or by speaking to the guards in advance. 

You can capture picturesque sights, and also set foot on this lesser known fort when you visit Golconda Fort next.

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