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Gin & Jazz Fridays To Underground Techno Scenes: This Speakeasy Bar Is Legit Lit


We're letting you into a secret, fellas! If you've heard of speakeasy bars but could never hit up one, here's your chance to saunter in style to Giggle Water — a speakeasy bar in Jubilee Hills. 

What Makes It Awesome

Hidden spiral staircase, secret passcode, brilliant music scene and an interesting mix of a crowd — Giggle Water enjoys a prime status in speakeasy bars in Hyderabad. And for a fairly good reason. This bar runs from Wednesday to Sunday, and no matter what day, it's packed to the brim. Bringing all jazz lovers to its yard, we've checked out the Gin & Jazz Fridays and fell a bit in love with Pranati Khanna's voice. And of course, the gin-based cocktails that made us asking for more. Talking about keeping the mystery alive, this bijou bar is dimly lit. Done up with elements like lamp shades, bookshelves with classic literature, typewriter, postcards, globes, and a vintage phone, it almost feels otherworldly when you step in. In fact, the outdoor seating with the view of traffic is the only telltale sign you're in Hyderabad. The paintings and framed photographs are totally Instagram-worthy and so is the entire space with high seating tables. 

The menu isn't vast but you can binge eat on poutine, spinach and corn tacos, burgers (which are madly loved) or pork sausages. The cocktails are delicious and we recommend Green Vegas, which has tequila, cucumber, mint, and some herbs. Every bit drool-worthy and well presented, grab a cocktail and head to the outdoor seating area to chat away with your gang. Giggle Water intends to host a whole lot of cool events in the near future (For instance, it hosted Woodstock screening where people were asked to get their own lunch). Plus, we've heard you can spot celebs too. We haven't but if you do, tell us all about your fangirl or fanboy moment! 

What Could Be Better

We understand the bar is all about experiences but we wish there were more food options or specials on the menu. Plus, the service can get painfully slow when the bar is full. 


Wondering how to get access to Giggle Water? Slide into their Instagram DMs and who knows you might be the chosen one. Go party with the cool club! 

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