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Drive Your Moody Blues Away! This Microbrewery Has 1+1 Offer On Craft Beer Pitcher On Mondays

Someone once said that Mondays are the sand traps in the fairway of life. While you start believing it, we ask you to pause. Because we have news that’ll cheer you up. Zero40 Brewing has a 1+1 offer on its beer pitchers every Monday to make you a little less grumpy. Whether your Monday blues demand a fruity Beach Bum (a juicy pale ale that gives loads of tropical fruit character) or Vincent Van Goat (a dark wheat-based beer that’s strong and rich) — there’s something for every beer bae. Plus, we’ve done the math — a 1,500ml of pitcher costs you INR 895 and with the 1+1 scene going on, you and your squad can slurp on at least 10 glasses of beer. Sorted! So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of your friends or workmates and head over to Zero40 for perking up your Mondays.
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