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Jungle Trek To Rock Climbing: Here's Why You Must Camp At This Adventure Resort In Vikarabad


Bundle up your squad and get to the ultimate adventure resort — Deccan Trails — that is nestled in the jungle Anantagiri Hills. It’s a perfect getaway, y’all!

What Makes It Awesome

A two-hour drive away from Hyderabad, Deccan Trails is an adventure resort where you can go with your squad or bae (for those moonlit nights in a jungle), If you are the kind that loves getting lost in the wild, this is the closest you can get. Drive through the scenic roads of Vikarabad that are flanked by greenery and palm trees, and reach Deccan Trails. We recommend reaching the resort by night but reach Anantagiri Hills early in the morning to hike through the woods to reach the edge of the valley that gives you a stunning view of the Deccan Plateau.

You must also visit Nagasamudram Lake (a freshwater lake), which is a few kilometers drive from the hills and Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, a 400-year-old temple constructed during the Nizam era. Plus, the area is full of sunflower fields and grasslands, so you can go wild with filling your Instagram field. Tired feet need to hit some hay? Then reach the resort and take your pick between the camps and the wooden huts (suitable for large groups) and head to their dining area. The meals here are a simple affair but you shall be dining in the company of cats and dogs who love to cuddle. After dinner, a bonfire is arranged for large groups or if the resort has ample people or you can kiss that idea goodbye and settle for a night of stargazing.

Come morning and you’ll be pumped up for activities under the expert guidance of Deccan Trails. Start with an early morning jungle trek and come back in time for breakfast. And that’s when your adventure begins. Whether you’re looking to cross the unstable Burma Bridge, rappel down a cliff or go rock climbing, there’s a little something for everyone. With activities like Flying Fox, Tarzan Swing, Monkey Crawling, and a lot more, your day is sorted. 


You can also sign up for a high tea experience or check the website to choose an experience you’d like to go for.

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