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Get Your Coffee Brewed Just The Way You Like At This New Coffee Shop In Town


Barely a week old, Ironhill Roastery in Jubilee Hills is quickly grabbing every coffee fanatic's attention. Naturally, we had to check it out, and now, we're giving you all the scoop on it.

What Makes It Awesome

What if we say you could choose your brew method to whip up a storm with a bean breed and choice of flavours at this coffee shop? Ironhill Roastery, although is a lot like the other coffee brewers in Hyderabad, it's doing things a bit differently. With exotic beans like Kopi Luwak, Guatemala Highland Coffee Beans, Hondura's Roast, and Karamana (Ironhill's signature beans), lattes and cappuccinos in its kitty, we recommend pairing the coffee with a sandwich or cake from the limited (But appetising) food menu. 

We asked for an Ironhill Roastery Special cold brew and got a French Press brewed with Guatemala Highland Coffee Beans and ginger justice — a fair play for cold winter mornings. Sure, there are other flavours like orange rush, caramel, cardamom, cinnamon, along with Irish brew, we quite enjoyed how ginger imbued the coffee's taste. The cold brew, on the other hand, was refreshing (although a little too acidic), and if Ironhill can work around it, we're sure this can be touted as one of the best cold brews in town. 

The ambience is mostly minimal with succulents, and bookshelves lending to the industrial ambience of the coffee shop. If loud music doesn't really bother you, and you're all about good coffee, give this a try. Or, you can always go for a takeaway. 

What Could Be Better

We wish they served a cookie or biscotti with our coffee. 

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