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Fat Unicorn To Burger Cakes: Order Yourself Every Instagram Trend From These Home Bakers

Ditch the standard choices at your regular bakery and indulge in custom made, flavourful goodness of cakes and bakes from these Hyderabad home bakers. We bring to you some very talented ladies to whom baking is a piece of cake (see what we did there). So if you have a party, or even want to just stuff your face with lots of cake, these are the folks you need to hit up right away.

With over 25 years of experience, Radha Dhaka’s La Petite Meringue is one of the most loved home baking ventures in Hyderabad. Radha is also a sculptor whose skills are depicted in her beautifully modeled cakes. She strives for freshness and doesn’t use any preservatives which makes her baking outstanding. Her signature offerings range from cakes, cookies, macaroons, brownies, and madeleines, though she enjoys making customised cakes the most. When she is not baking, Radha conducts workshops and classes for those interested in mastering this art.

Must Order: Life-like sugary figurines on sculpture cakes you can munch on.

Named after her daughter Zoey, Poonam Maria Prem’s venture excels in adding crazy little details to make her gorgeous cake creations larger than life. From cakes based on fairytale characters to cake tiers with a metallic finish — Zoey’s Bakehouse has got it all. Have a look at her adorable version of the trending -on-Instagram Fat Unicorn Cake, cake pops, and more.

Must Order: Poonam’s wedding cakes have gone viral in the past and we are rooting for her unicorn cake too.

Young baker, Rasvin Sawhney who started Pastel Baking Co. has cakes for every occasion. Although the presentation of her cakes is on point, she knows that taste is the no. 1 factor why customers can’t get enough of them. Her bestsellers are chocolate cupcakes, Ferrero Rocher cake, red velvet chocolate cake, and vanilla based cakes. But Pastel Baking Co also does some fun cake trends we have spotted on Instagram like the whole floral theme. Rasvin does fresh flower cakes with buttercream. She is also known to make crazy cakes like a burger cake. Her Chocolate Abundance Cake also gets brownie points from us.

Must Order: Keeps up with Instagram cake trends by ordering from the Pastel Baking Co.

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