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This Co Creative Community In Film Nagar Is Home To Lit Events & Creative Folks


Aaromale is an arts and cultural space that also moonlights as a co-creative community for creative folks to connect, collaborate, and craft something awesome. That said, let's delve into what makes it more interesting.

What Makes It Awesome

Huddled inside a 25-year-old property that looks every bit like a heritage mansion in Chikmagaluru or Kodaikanal, Aaromale is where your creative mojo can thrive. Yup, no kidding. Founded with the very intent of offering a quintessential platform for artists to collaborate and create, Aaromale might be new in town but they're already hosting cool events. Their Heart Talks, in association with Dabaki, brought together a mean mix of musicians, storytellers, and artists, and needless to mention — it was packed to the rafters. 

The motto of Aaromale — Come Home To Love — an apt and snug fit, because when you walk in, you'll spot a tiny backyard with a seating area, a cafe that resembles a glasshouse, and a manicured garden. All these elements come together in fuelling up your creative energies, and knowing you're in the fine company of creators who are already nestling in the space, makes it all the more fun. We took a tour of the place and while some rooms remind you of a treehouse, the rooms dedicated for workshops and fitness will instantly transport you to Zen mode. Plus, if you're looking for a space to work out of, take a look at their rooms which are vast enough to accommodate a team of 10-14. 

Promising to bring us a fine array of events, Aaromale is also opening up a retail space which curates indie brands and labels, from across the country. Their in-house cafe isn't completely functional, but we've been told there's Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Pulp, and some nibbles. Grab a milkshake or coffee and take a stroll in their garden. But while you're at it, don't forget to have a conversation with the peeps behind Aaromale. Pick their brains on what events are coming up, and who knows you might host one yourself.

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