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Onion Kheer To Boti Masala: Here's A List Of Must Try Dishes When You're In Hyderabad

If you are traveling to Hyderabad and food isn't the first thing on your mind, what are you really thinking? We really take our food seriously and although we're nuts about biryani (which is the best in India, okay? okay), there are some lesser known dishes that you've got to try. We've gathered our meat loving friends and asked them to take a pick of the best and the must-try (iconic) dishes in Hyderabad. Now, that's what we have for you.

Anokhi Kheer (or Onion Kheer) is made from onions and the first time we've tasted it, this is what ran in our heads — this a sweet version of biryani? Made from white onions (instead of rice), this kheer is a blast of unexpecting flavours in your mouth. And nope, like onions, it doesn't bear a biting flavour, which is what makes it interesting. Considered as a lost recipe, not many restaurants serve these. While we've sampled this dish from a couple of home chefs, you can easily find it in Jewel Of Nizam.

Leaving you in a meat frenzy, Sohail Waves Restaurant in Malakpet brings all biryani and meat lovers to its yard. While you can devour boti masala or boti dishes anywhere, we've got a thing for the boti masala at Sohail. Spicy, slightly greasy, and dunked in masala, you've got to make a large meal out of this. 

While Prince Hotel in Mehdipatnam is known for its classic shawarma, there's another reason for you to make a visit. They serve Bagara Dalcha – a traditional Hyderabadi dish of Bagara Rice and Dalcha, which is a lentil-based gravy that goes well with rice and biryani. Priced at INR 40 only, this dish is available only for lunch. 

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