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We're Saying It: These Places Have The Best Pizzas In Hyderabad

It is often said that a pizza a day is always a good idea. It sure can keep heartbreaks and woes away too. But who wants to eat pizzas at the same place when there are countless restaurants in the town that make different (And awesome) pizzas. So, here's our list of the best in town. How many have you tried?

Known for its Italian-only cuisine, Flying Spaghetti Monster (in Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills) is a popular spot for dates. The pizzas are thin crust, and with each bite, you will find a little bit of Rome in it. Our favourites are the Casa and Sicilla pizzas, and they do have a good variety of shrimp, bacon, fish, and chicken varieties.

This cafe in Film Nagar is almost new and killing like a pro. You can try a mix of two pizzas and we recommend a mix of Fungi-E-Pollo and Verdure Mist. These thin crust pizzas come with thick cheese and chunks of tangy chicken. Can't ask for anything better!

Known for its Bohemian and free-spirited ambience, this cafe in Jubilee Hills has a fantastic range of pizzas. We recommend the Pizza By Flames which is woodfired with vodka, rum, or gin. Ask for the rum one and walk into a pizza mania! 

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