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This Farm House In Hyderabad Is Where You Can Chill, Herd The Sheep & Play Games


Syna Farms is for those of you whose idea of a staycation is fleeing far away from the crowd. With lots of animals, games, and solitude, let's just say you are in a fine company. 

What Makes It Awesome

The fact that Syna Farms is home to diverse breeds of animals like guinea pigs, sheep, cats, hens makes it quite awesome. Honestly, what else do you need if you are planning a quaint farm stay for yourself? They've got a rare species of Punganur dwarf cows too. If you are a lover of animals, it cannot get better than this. The farm itself is nestled amidst massive greenery — so much that you wouldn't mind switching your phone off to gawk at your surroundings. There is a meditation hut and the stay has a really rustic yet modern vibe. Expect a sweet garden, an outdoor eating area, crazy good nooks and corners with Buddha statues, garden decor accents. 

The rooms are simple but equally beautiful, and they can accommodate 12 members. Minimalism is totally in, and the whole point of this stay is to offer an experience that binds our mind, body, and soul. There is a huge projector inside with lovely seating arranged on the floor. For those of you who cannot miss your favourite Netflix show, this might be a saviour. But otherwise, go here to experience the epic nuances of farm life. 

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