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Alcohol Inks & Tree-Free Paper: Art Geeks, Hoard Art Supplies From This Online Store


Art fanatics, source alcohol inks and tree-free art paper from this website called Beyond Inks to create exhibition worthy art pieces. 

What Makes It Awesome

Looking to stock up art supplies? What if we told you there's a Hyderabad-based online store where you can get your hands on alcohol-based inks and sustainable paper. Yup, that's Beyond Inks! This is where you can source art materials for alcohol ink art which is gaining popularity in the art world. Wondering what alcohol Inks are? They are acid-free, highly pigmented, fast-drying inks which can blend seamlessly on most surfaces leaving behind a vibrant tint. This means you can paint on clocks, planters, coasters, etc and make them your own masterpieces. Beyond Inks also make something called YUPO which is a tree-free, non-tear, synthetic paper with a super glossy finish. Paired best with alcohol inks to create beautiful alcohol art pieces, you can expect to make some professional looking home decor with these items. 

Tempted to give it a shot? They have lots of ink and paper combos at discounted prices to choose from.


YUPO paper comes in three sizes and two thicknesses so you can buy a combo of all three or just individual sheets of paper. 

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