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Splash O'Clock! Take A Trip To This Waterfall Which Is Telangana's Highest Waterfall

What Makes It Awesome

Sure it's not raining in other Indian states but it's raining more than cats and dogs in Hyderabad. This is why now is the best time to make those trips to a waterfall. Just four hours away from Hyderabad, Kuntala Falls is a good option. These are the highest waterfalls in Telangana and are nestled in the dense forests of Adilabad. To reach Kuntala, you might have to hike 400 steps downwards from where you can see the entire view of the waterfalls. It is said that these waterfalls have gotten their name from Shakuntala as locals believe that King Dushyanth and Shakuntala fell in love here and that she was fond of these waterfalls. We don't know if that's a story worth visiting the falls for (or perhaps it is), but right now, there is ample water here for you to take a dip. That said, the water flow can get quite aggressive and with rocks under the falls, we recommend you practice caution.


This journey and exploration can consume an entire day, so we recommend checking into Kadam Resort in Adilabad. Run by Telangana Tourism, this resort is smacked amidst a verdant forest. Lounge by the pool and soak in the sun or go watch the sunset over the dam. You won't stop gawking at the hills that surround the dam.

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