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TOS Cafe & Cocktails

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Chicken 65 Tacos to Achari Peri Peri Paneer: This Kebab & Beer Fest Is Doing Unlimited Deals

Sunaina posted on 03 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

The Kebab and Beer Festival at TOS – Cafe & Cocktails in Jubilee Hills beckons you for rounds of chilled beer and 11 kinds of kebabs which are a fusion of Indian and International dishes.

Let The Hunger Games Begin

At TOS, eccentric is in. Done with retro interiors that bring back the groove of the 80s and the 90s, this restaurant is where you should go to feel like a retro kid all over again. The restaurant is divided into an outdoor section and an indoor one. While the indoors are refined and plusher, it’s the outdoors where most of the action happens. The outdoors are decked with lights and high chairs and with music pumping out loud, it’s where you should unwind for a round of chilled beer with your mates. But if an intimate dinner is what you’re looking for, then indoors it is. TOS also hosts Board Game Nights every Friday 8.30pm onwards. Along with a crazy mix of art workshops and 90s Bollywood nights, it’s safe to say that TOS never has a drab day.

What A Pair!

TOS is doing a Kebab & Beer festival currently, which we went to check out. There are 11 kinds of dishes that are not available on their regular menu. Priced at around INR 1,799, you can enjoy unlimited kebabs {a mix of non-vegetarian and vegetarian} for one and a half hours and unlimited beer {Kingfisher Ultra & Premium, Beer Cocktails} for three and half hours. Chicken 65 tacos, Achari Peri Peri Paneer, Corn on the Cob, Sunheri Jhinga and more are on offer. We recommend the Achari Peri Peri Paneer and Chicken 65 Tacos – while the Paneer was spicy and succulent, the tacos went really well with our beer cocktails.

Don’t care for their festival menu? Then check out their regular one. Their Bisibele Bhaat Risotto, Achaari Seafood Risotto {made with homemade achaar} are sure to win brownie points while Beer Cocktails like Blonde Bujji {rum, almond, beer, and pineapple}, Cherry Popper {cherries, pineapple, and beer} aren’t worth missing out on. They also source their coffee from Bengaluru’s Coffee Mechanics and we think you should try the Vietnamese Cold Coffee along with Beignets {New Orleans style deep fried pastry}.


So, We're Saying

Go here for the music. Go here to feel like a 90s kid again, but more importantly to demolish the interesting array of kebabs and TOS’s signature beer cocktails that isa good deal at INR 1,799. On regular days, each beer cocktail is priced between INR 325 and INR 400. The price for two for the beer cocktails and starters cost around INR 1,500. Now, you tell us – isn’t this a deal worth grabbing?

When: On till Sunday, April 8. 

Timings: Noon onwards

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locationJubilee Hills

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TOS Cafe & Cocktails

locationJubilee Hills