If You're A Novice & Want To Trek The Himalayas, You've Got To Start With This


    Coniferous forests, rhododendron trees, and sunsets that are other-worldly are just a few good things about Triund in Himachal Pradesh. Often suggested as a debut trek for anyone who's interested in some serious Himalayan treks, a trek to Triund will change you for good. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Listen: trekking amidst forests with your squad is fun but you know what's more awesome? Mountain goats and lazy doggos for a company. At Triund, these things come together in making your experiences richer. This 6 km trek begins at Bhagsu Nag temple, taking you through coniferous forest, dainty clearings, and tiny tea shops that make delicious ginger tea, Maggi, and conversations. Rent a walking stick at INR 50 at one of those shops and keep taking breaks to gawk at the natural beauty around you. Plenty of mushroom, wildflowers, prayer flags and the encouraging trekkers going downhill will make this trek better. On reaching the top, we recommend setting up your tents at a spot where you can see the hills clearly. There are a few shops set up on the hill that you can visit on your scroll. Or sit by the rocky boulders and observe the mighty hills that make you believe they're carefully sculpted to look the most attractive in every tint of light. 

    Begin your trek downhill only after watching the sunrise, and while you can alight on the same day, it's the best to camp overnight for stargazing and making new friends.


    You don't need a guide (unless it's snowing), but guides arrange sleeping bags, tents, and food on a budget. But if you prefer carrying them on your own, you need no one, ninja!