Love Travelling But Don't Like Planning? Give These Peeps A Shot

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What Makes It Awesome

Building the itinerary for your vacation or trip can be exhausting. Not only do you need to research everything that you want to do on your trip, but you somehow need to keep track of everything! Unusual Escapes With Sarathy makes it easy for you. With seamless planning, arrangements, and transfers being taken care of; you as a traveller don’t have to worry about it. The biggest plus is that you’re the boss because you can customise it.

You get to decide when you will go, the budget based on it and your interests. You’re not tied down by what the departure date or their fixed plans are. But at the same time, you also have the option to pick a place from their upcoming trips which include Bhutan - Rhododendron Festival (April 15 to 23 at INR 26,500 per person) where you’ll get to explore nature, traditions, day-hikes in the Himalayas, and visit Thimphu, Paro, Gangtey and Punakha, followed by Sikkim (April 25 to May 2 at INR 23,000 per person), Bali (May 10 to 16 at INR 22,500 per person), among others. So, go ahead and call them next time you need help planning a trip. You won't regret it.


If you would like to travel beyond the border of the country, well they also do trips to the countries in the subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Europe.