What Not To Do During The Covid-19 Pandemic Time

Everyone's telling us what to do during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yup, it's extremely important to stay hygienic (now more than ever) and wash our hands, time and again. But there are some things that we shouldn't do and we hope you act responsibly and avoid them.

Stop Going Out

LBB loves going out. If you know us, you know that we're always out there — checking out new cafes, boutiques, and places for you. But now, we're all working from home and focussing on creating content that'll help y'all have a great time when you're indoors too. It's crucial for us to practice social distancing at the moment, and we really hope you're staying indoors, as much as you can. Going out to a coffee shop or a new pub in the city can truly wait. Avoid elevators, fitness centres, and try not to host house parties. Always carry a four-fold handkerchief, hand sanitiser, and hand wash. 

Don't Hoard Everything

We know, we totally get it. You want to be prepared for the future, well in advance. But that doesn't mean you hoard all the aisles at a supermarket. These are testing times for all of us and a little act of kindness and mindfulness goes a really long way. Buy only what you need. Let's cut down on overuse and wastage. 

Don't Share Fake Forwards

Know what's accurate and what's not before you share forwards. Verify facts on WHO's website or anything that's released officially. WhatsApp forwards are wrecking people's sanity and creating panic. And we really don't need it right now. If you can, try to dissociate yourself as much as you can, from social media and news. 

Refrain From Sending Hate Messages

There's no point in spreading hate messages or shaming and blaming people. It's not a crime to contract Covid-19 and we must not blame people for it. The world needs a lot of positivity and love right now, and it's upon us to look out for each other. Call your friends, call your family, call your teammates, and check on them. 

Mouth Masks Are Not Necessary

If you don't have a cold or cough, don't wear mouth masks. Unless you're down with dust allergy, you don't need surgical masks. So let's leave them for the ones who ACTUALLY need it. All you have to do is wash your hands regularly and stay clean. Build your immunity by eating a lot of citrus fruits, homemade soups, fresh vegetables. Stay hydrated and stay safe! 

Don't Travel

Just because the flight tickets are inexpensive, please don't travel to remote areas. We all love going to the hills or beaches but it's best if you stay home right now. If lots of us flood to touristic places, the chances of contagion are high and we'll be affecting a lot of people.