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8 Legitimately Great V-Day Gifts For The Man In Your Life

Moyurie posted on 08 February

Confused about what to get your boyfriend/hubby for Valentine’s Day? We have got you sorted. You can order them here.

Wear Your Love On Your Sleeve

Want to always stay in sync with bae? Channelise bracelet buddies Joey and Chandler from Friends and get this pair of matching silver bangles from Knick Knack Knook for just INR 899. Best part? You get to engrave whatever you want!

Take A Bow

Time has proved that one can never go wrong with the classic bowtie. Help the mister spice up his look with these cool designer bowties from Monki by Maitreyi Bhatia. A bowtie in any of the prints will set you back by just INR 310.

The Fragrance Of Love

Did you know that Cleopatra had the sails of her boat slicked with fragrant oils before setting out to sea, so that Mark Antony would catch scent of her arrival before even seeing her? Going old school with your V-day present never fails — which is why we recommend this Limited Edition Valentine’s Hamper from Fragrances by Ambrin. The hamper for men will get you four 3ml ittar bottles, one maroon silk pocket square, and a brooch. Each hamper costs INR 999 only. They also have a  women’s hamper with four 3ml ittar bottles {Storm, Dew, Monsoon, Bloom}, one surma daani with organic surma/kajal, a charcoal mask and a bath salt by Fuschia, and a vintage-style mirror.

Get A Grip On It

Get matching phone grips with bae and keep your phone secure in style. Monki by Maitreyi Bhatia has some really cool phone grips you can get just for INR 310 each. You will be spoilt for choice with their ultra-cute themes — we loved the Feminist, the Cat, the Dinosaur, the Dark Horse, and Paper Plane. Maintaining them is easy — all you need to do is detach them from your phone, wipe them and voila, it’s good as new.

If The Walls Could Speak

These stunning wall and desk frames from Type7 is just perfect if you want to give him a homely reminder of your love and give just the right #MondayMotivation. The size of the frames is 6.75”x6.75” and come with acrylic glass front and a wooden-textured black frame. For just INR 1,000 you can get a set of two frames.

Pamper With A Hamper

Give him some Valentine’s Day love with this wholesome hamper from Papeljam. It has a hardbound rubberband journal to jot down sweet nothings, one sunglass pouch for all the weekend getaways, and a greeting card. All this at just INR 1,060! They get shipped within 3-4 business days.

A Socks-y Affair

If you and bae are the real-life Betty Cooper and Jughead, these burger and fries themed socks by Glu Affair are the perfect choice for you this Valentine’s Day. For just INR 349 {only on LBB Specials}, you get a set of one fries-themed pair, and one burger-themed pair of socks.

Frame Your Favourite Moments

Bye bye boring photo frames, Sky Goodies is here with this artsy DIY vintage camera themed photo frame. At just INR 149 you get one pre-printed, pre-cut, pre-creased A4 size sheet, with the camera design along with one cover sheet with instructions at the back. It can hold photos of size 6cm by 6cm.Believe us when we say that the photo frame looks like a real vintage camera with holes on the two sides in the viewfinder.