Moyurie posted on 15th April

These 5 Frozen Dessert Parlours In Kolkata Are Taking Our Sweet Tooth For A Ride!

Ten-Second Takeaway

We’ve got you a whole range of frozen treats fresh out of the dessert labs in town.


Ditch the basic ice cream for something even more fulfilling – fried ice cream rolls! Frollz experiments with flavours {and preparation} and their portions are magnanimous! And we love the way they conjure up these treats right in front of our eyes.

I Scream Co.

One of the newest dessert parlours on the block, I Scream Co. has quickly gained popularity among dessert lovers because of their liquid nitrogen-based preparations. We are bowled over by the Bangla Mania which has every kind of sweet flavours a Bong palate craves! Don’t miss their signature Dragon Shots – popcorn served with a smoking cold shot of liquid nitrogen. They also offer a wide meu of sorbets, shakes and mocktails lest you want to skip the ice cream and go for something else.

Mumble’s Lab

Mumble’s Lab is extremely famous among dessert lovers not just for what they serve, but also for what they show! One of the few places in Kolkata to serve liquid nitrogen ice cream, the display of their preparation process also attracts repeat customers. We can confidently vouch for their Dragon Breath and Tiramisu ice creams. It’s a tad more expensive than other brands though.

Icy Fusion

We have all heard of the classic ice cream, but have you heard of hand-folded ones, crushed and moulded on marble tops? They offer flavours ranging from Banana O Cookies to Nutella Ferrero, and a signature Paan Ice Cream and Rose Fusion, infused lavishly with paan leaves and rose petal extracts.


Kulfi fans, we have something for you too! Try out Kulfiano – a one-of-a-kind ice cream parlour devoted entirely to the classic Indian frozen dessert. Who knew even kulfis can come in flavours, right? Kulfiano has a whole range of them – from black currant to Rajasthani Matki on their menus. Head over to any of their four outlets – for a traditional dessert experience with a twist.