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Hibiscus & Litchi, Candyfloss & Yuzu: You Must Try These Quirky Mocktails

Raisa posted on 16 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Bubblegum, candy floss and yuzu – bartenders in Kolkata are rustling up some every inventive, alcohol-free creations.


Firstly, can we just say how stoked we are that Mamagoto is now serving cocktails as well {unlimited Sangria at INR 700+!}. We always did love their mocktails. Our favourite is the Blueberry Cooler. If you need a kick of sugar and a hit of berry, this is your poison. With the super spicy and rich food we love at Mamagoto, your taste buds will cry out for the fresh and cooling blueberry blast.

Casual Dining

Annex Building, 24, Magma House Complex, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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TFO - The Factory Outlet

TFO has Bubble Gum and Candyfloss Mojitos and they are stunning! The minty {there is a LOT of mint} mojito comes topped with freshly-made candy floss {they have a candy floss machine right there in the restaurant} and a piece of chewy berry bubble gum stuck into the candyfloss. At INR 160, it’s an absolute delight and will take you straight back to your school days where you would share sticky, fluffy candy floss with your gang.  Minty mojito, sticky candyfloss and a bubble gum as the cherry on the cake – it’s a treat!

Casual Dining

Westside Building, 22, 5th Floor, Block D, Camac Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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Café Mezzuna

Mezzuna has always been our favourite for cocktails {those LITs are lit!} but they get a run for their money from a host of relatively new mocktails and non-alcoholic punches. Priced at INR 150, our top picks are the Nutty Fruity, a curiously adventurous combination of cranberry-pineapple melange and hazelnut. For the coffee friends, the Minty Cream – a creamy rich cocoa frappe with a hint of mint is for you. A burst of flavour, it’ll surprise your tastebuds.


Forum Mall, Shop 401-402, 4th Floor, 10/3, Elgin Road, Elgin, Kolkata

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Blue Mug

Blue Mug is all about new and contemporary and their mocktail flavours sound just like that. Ever tried a yuzu-flavoured drink in the city? Now you can! The Yuzu Fizz is a simple mix of yuzu and soda and at just INR 100 it’s well worth it. If you’re out for a Sunday brunch with the gang, grab a glass of the fruit sangria at INR 140.


1/121, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

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Gabbar's Bar & Kitchen

Gabbar’s is all about molecular gastronomy {think Masterchef and Heston Blumenthal level of culinary wizardry!}. Get set for a multi-sensory cooking and dining experience. This insane Bollywood-themed restaurant also serves up some tangy, potent mocktails. Also try the Love Affair with Paris {an INR 155 drink of cranberry, pomegranate and lime}. Or if you love the Italians more, the fruity Italian Itch, which is a mix of mango, apricot, vanilla, orange peach at INR 175, is your calling.


11/1, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kankaria Estates, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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Don’t fill up just on the mocktails, these joints have awesome small plates that go really well with the drinks.