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    The Secret Is Out: We Tried This Brand’s Beauty Products & It Was Love At First Try

    Vaishnavi posted on 18 February


    Ladies, we’re always up for that au naturel look that just brings out that inner glow in you, and a brand that caters to this need of ours is, in our minds, a keepsake, don’t you think? We’ve found one such brand that has all its ingredients sourced from natural origins to help you shine (pun intended!) and we tell you why it stands out. 

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Global Beauty Secrets is the brainchild of Aishwarya Sawarna Nir, a young and dynamic beauty enthusiast, who has conceptualized the brand with her own personal experience using natural ingredients like honey, milk, saffron and more. She grew up being influenced by these natural ingredients, helping her understand them better and further giving birth to Global Beauty Secrets. The brand’s end goal is for women around the world to nurture themselves with the right kind of products that are easy to use and rich in natural properties.
    Global Beauty Secrets as a brand has brought together unique ingredients used globally for flawless and healthy skin. We were pretty much sold at their gorgeous packaging and were super keen to try these 2 new products- Greek Yogurt and Lavender body moisturiser  & Aztec Chocolate and Walnut soap. Did you know? The Greeks have been using yogurt as a part of their skincare routine since ancient times. This magical moisturiser soothes the skin, moisturises it, and protects it from sunburn. Whereas, the Lavender essential oil has a calming fragrance, and will help you smell great. The Aztec Chocolate and Walnut soap consists of chocolates, consists of antioxidants, provides nourishment to the skin, protects the skin from UV damage, and helps the skin glow and moisturized. Plus, the walnut kernels present helps the skin gently exfoliate. Win-win! 
    We love the fact how each of the product packs in the benefit of an ingredient specific to a country and popularly used by women from all walks of life. Awesome, right?


    Use these products on a daily basis to see significant results, and we’ll make it a notch higher by saying that all their products are 100% vegetarian. There’s an expansive range of products from other regions that might just fascinate you. 

    Still contemplating? Don’t! Learn more about the products, history & legacy on their website. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated about any new launches & offers. 

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